3 min readJan 9, 2022


NightkidsNFT Update for January 2022

Thank you everyone for a crazy 2021. Below are some of the plans that we have for the rest of the season.

We are going to be hiring for the following positions: Social Media Manager, Front End Developer, and Community Manager.

We will have a calendar for January 2022 that will be in the official links on the Discord page. The calendar will be updated regularly as events are added.

We would like to crowdsource some events and activities with the community as well as be active with other communities’ Discord events. We will work out a plan with the new community manager to focus on organizing discord events and other activities to engage and connect with the community. I want to thank Sully for his time as our community manager, as he switches to being a moderator.

Drop 2 — Midnight Munchies

We have 5 special Midnight Munchies NFTs for giveaways that will come with physical pieces. The pieces are being donated generously by Thaze and Son of a Spore. The date for the giveaway will be added to the calendar.

Membership Perks

We are going to be adding some new utility to the memberships.

One of the things that I have read in the community is that you want greater access to the individual assets, so when we hire our new front end developer we are going to be creating a membership holder only area of our website that shows each of the artist’s individual pieces that they have made — for example a Pop Wonder house alone, single background, single window, etc.

We are in the exploratory phase of doing our own Nightkids Art Gallery on Cyber.

We are applying to Nifty Gateway to make it easier for you to view your NFTs on your own Samsung or Android Television.

Starlight Open Edition Events

We will be doing open editions for membership holders only. The mint price for the artwork will be 0.02 ETH, with 1 per membership, and will be available to mint for 24 hours. The first Starlight Open Edition event will be on January 14th, featuring custom Nightkids artwork by Ronzo. Check out his twitter here:


Night Rider


What do you see when you look at the stars at night? When concrete dreams become new realities and the moon turns into a gigantic half pipe. Would you ride it? It’s so much fun up here and the view is spectacular.

Artist Bio:

Ronzo ‘Vandal Extraordinaire’ is a visual artist based in London, UK. He is re-known for his off-the-wall character design, murals, and street sculptures in RL. Ronzo’s art is always curious, fun and thought provoking. His creations live on the streets and walls of London and around the world. Since recently he’s extended his vision into the Metaverse bringing new vibes to NFTs, crypto and gaming.

Our second Starlight Open Edition event will be on January 28th. We will release more info on this event right after the minting of our first starlight event next week.

Drop 3 — Night Kicks

Artist interviews/AMAs will begin at the end of the month and will be added to the calendar as they are scheduled.

We are looking into 3D versions of the artwork for the Decentraland metaverse.

No promises — but we’re trying really hard to make this happen.

Drop 4 — Name TBD

This drop will be an interpretation of the love and belonging level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. We have signed 3 artists so far. More information about Drop 4 will be released next month.