NightKids Update 11/21

3 min readNov 22, 2021

NightKids Drop 2

Our in-house to Season 1 Membership Holders we present Midnight Munchies ft. Victoria, Kristen, and David Lopez (LaissezBored). All NightKids Season 1 drops are based on Maslows Hierarchy of Needs. We started drop 1 NFTCribs as property from safety needs. Drop 2 Midnight Munchies is food under physiological needs. Drop 3 Night Kicks is esteem, drop 4 will be love and belonging and drop 5 will be self-actualization.

We are really excited to show you some improved features we added to this in-house drop which include traits custom-made to specific NFT communities ex. BAYC, Gutter Cats, Bored Ape kennel, Gutter dogs, and Lazy lions to name a few. We also included some extremely rare 1/1 toppings that will get a special physical gift. Our mint cost for this drop is Free + gas to all Season 1 Membership Holders. We don’t have a confirmed date as we’re waiting for lower Gas fees we will have updates in Discord/Twitter.

Marketing and Promotion

We are in the final steps to bringing a full marketing agency to help bring NightKids to the masses and show off our incredible artists' work. On top of that, we are also looking to bring more marketing to the table with our upcoming drops so we would like to hire inside our community. If you’re a marketing agency or would like to help with promotion contact SullyNFT#1387 on Discord or @_Sully_14_ on Twitter.

Drop 3

The third drop for NightKids Season pass is coming very smoothly we have all our artists working on traits for their sections. A quick recap of the artists includes Amber Vittoria, Caramurú Baumgartner, chemical messiah, Efdot, Mrfiretruckman, Panaphud, and Spencer Jackson. On that note let's tease a few sneak peeks.