Nightkids Project Update #2

3 min readSep 18, 2021

It’s been a long two weeks for all of us I’m sure! We know you guys have been psyched for this update as much as we have! Well, get ready for some jaw-dropping information!

You guys are probably dying to know what we have been cooking up recently! Well here’s just a little tidbit of some of the work we have done on the backend.

  • New Website is ready/live!
  • We have been acquiring new artists for future drops, you may have heard of; Amber Vittoria, badluckspence, Chemical Messiah, EfdotStudio, and Panaphud. Just to name a few 👀
  • We have the sketches for drop 3 being worked on as well, images below.
  • We will also be setting up a Twitter bot posting sleeper hit sales.
  • We have a marketing campaign planned to help take nightkids mainstream.
  • Plenty of giveaways are planned for the community.
  • Community AMA’s planned.
  • We’re working to turn the first drop’s art into Twitter size banners
  • We also are developing our own NFT marketplace separate from opensea meant to feature each individual artist’s work in a piece. (will take a while)

We hope that the aforementioned list gives you guys some insight into what we have been building/working on these past two weeks. We also know that you guys want to hear more information regarding the duplication drop, we don’t have an accurate ETA just yet, we estimate that it will happen sometime between now and drop 3 but we will continue to update you guys. We also wanted to mention that we welcome all feedback & suggestions so please forward any thoughts you have into our #suggestion channel in discord.