Night Kicks

3 min readMar 16, 2022

Sleeper Hits Volume III: Night Kicks is the third drop for Season 1 from Nightkidsnft. This drop features 6 unique artists: Amber Vittoria, Chemical Messiah, Efdot, Mrfiretruckman, Panaphud and Spencer Jackson. Night Kicks was made in collaboration with my great friend Keith Ward, who is a true sneakerhead.

This collection contains 5,555 1/1’s using the designs from the artists above. Each artist has designed separate layers of several sneaker designs, which are then used to create the generative NFTs. At a later event, Night Kicks owners will have the ability to mint a 3D Decentraland wearable sneaker based on the 2D design they own. Each of our drops represents a different level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Night Kicks is our Esteem level, with the Decentraland kicks acting as a status symbol.

The minting of the Decentraland wearables will work as follows. After your kick is revealed, you will see the metadata for your NFT which includes the artists who designed your layers. Based on the artists’ layers you have, you can mint one of your artist’s full sneaker design (see image below). In the image below, the sole was created by Spencer Jackson, the upper by Panaphud, the tongue and laces by Mrfiretruckman, and the back and side pieces by Chemical Messiah. In the example, the owner of this 2D NFT has chosen a 3D Decentraland wearable of Spencer Jackson’s full sneaker design, using his sole from the 2D art.

The public sale for Night Kicks is now live, with a mint price of 0.08 ETH. The price for the 3D Decentraland kicks will be free except for gas fees.

Nightkids is an artist-focused, curated project in which we collaborate with artists who we feel are being slept on. The spirit of web3 involves lifting each other up and collaborating for a common cause. This sense of community is the backbone of what Nightkids is all about. The concept for our art drops is based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, with each drop representing a level of the pyramid.

FTL Jump
Inter Stellar
Over 9000
Nebula 1/2
Laissez 87s
On the DL

You may even find a surprise!

Spencer Jackson Lunar Module
Panaphud FTL Jump
Amber Vittoria Laissez 87s
Mrfiretruckman On the DL
Chemical Messiah Over 9000
Spencer Jackson Inter Stellar